September 2, 2017

The Land Forces

One of the key segments of CENZIN’s offer is the supply of armaments, spare parts, equipment and services for land forces and public security agencies both in Poland and abroad. We are proud to represent Polish companies working within the defense sector worldwide, but also devote substantial part of our daily work to supplying the Polish Army - especially its special operations units - with state of the art equipment of domestic and foreign origin. Our long-time customers also include the Police, Border Guards and other public security services and security providers (state and privately owned).

Our offer comprises everything land forces and public security agencies may require. We supply weapons, ammunition, clothing and special equipment as well as combat vehicles and spare parts, telecommunication and demilitarization systems. We constantly develop our product range, as we strive to fulfill our customers’ needs and requirements. The minimum delivery size is a single spare part or one cartridge.

We also assist land forces and public security agencies, providing advisory services in relation to organization and design of army bases, upgrading existing infrastructure and equipment, technical reviews of existing equipment usability and establishing stored weapons’ stability (especially missiles) as well as training.

We specialize in working with equipment of Polish or Warsaw Pact origin, as well as modern, state of the art battlefield gear.

CENZIN is also a project coordinator, reducing our customers’ risk of working with multiple suppliers and subcontractors, delivering at a fraction of the project’s estimated outcome.

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