September 2, 2017

Special Projects

CENZIN is not only a foreign trade company but also a supplier and co-ordinator of special projects -  industrial installations, multiphase supply and implementation of military equipment, design and construction of ships, equipping research and development institutes and other complex tasks, the execution of which requires know-how in project management. In many cases, in addition to its experience in project management, CENZIN is willing to engage its financial resources in bringing certain projects into life.

Our offer is addressed not only to end users (e.g. Ministries of Defence or Ministries of Internal Affairs), but also to those suppliers who plan deliveries to foreign military or public security agencies but either lack experience in working with such a buyer, or their financial situation does not allow to carry out certain projects without external support. CENZIN also offers assistance to suppliers who lack licenses required to export their civilian products and services to military end-users.

CENZIN’s project management team includes professionals with extensive experience in managing both military and civilian projects.


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