September 2, 2017

Naval Equipment

CENZIN offers equipment for Naval Forces and public security agencies whose responsibilities include policing and protection of sea and inland waters. We are an established supplier of the following products and services:

  • Complete ships and vessels
  • Customized RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats)
  • Harbour protection and defence systems
  • Radar systems for ships, vessels and land-based structures monitoring water areas
  • Underwater unmanned devices (UUDs) and drones
  • Spare parts for ships and vessels built in Poland
  • Spare parts for ships and vessels built in the former Warsaw Pact countries
  • Technical reviews and upgrades for Navy armaments (especially P class missiles)
  • Design services for ships and vessels
  • R&D services for ships and vessels

Upon request, all products and services in our offer may be customized. We work according to blue prints and documentation provided by the client, or we prepare documentation ourselves, based on our evaluation of the client’s needs and requirements.

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